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I’m Jonathan Boden, and in the past 10 years I’ve worked for companies like CBS, DreamWorks, Warner Brothers, Comedy Central, Digital Domain, Mtv, and even was a host and producer for NPR.

I create promos, narrate audio books, compose and record music and am also a guest writer for the entertainment news website,

Want more specifics on what I do? Download my resume!

Also, take a look around the website because whether it’s promos, voice overs, music or whatever else you can think of, I guarantee there’s something here for you.

What People Have Said

"Jonathan’s work ethic while at Digital Domain inspired his co-workers with confidence in his abilities leading to an increase in responsibility and decrease in the need to have his tasks managed and prioritized by his superiors."

- David Bosco - VFX Coordinator, Digital Domain

Jon will contribute insight and industry experience to any project. He has been involved at several levels of production, from pre to post. He is one of the most driven and motivated individuals I know. His great passion to achieve success is something I rarely see within this business.”

  1. -Tyler Atkinson - Assoc. Director, Worldwide Digital Distribution, 20th Century Fox

“...It is always exciting to work on a project with Jonathan because you know it will become some of your best work. His hardworking, creative style and ability to lead a team in a collaborative effort make Jonathan an asset to any employer.”

- Joel Hillan - Program Director, KBYR 94.3

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